About Us

SKINCARE MOMOHIME is a Japanese cosmetic product that has very high quality and is a representation of Japanese skin beauty which is very popular especially among Asian women.

Produced by a Japanese company called Peach Beauty Japan Inc. which was founded by husband and wife couple Masayuki Umar Kobayashi and Mieko Mariya Kobayashi, SKINCARE MOMOHIME can now be purchased at several SOGO counters in Indonesia and Marketplaces such as Shopee and Tokopedia.

One of the advantages of these SKINCARE MOMOHIME products are that they had received a HALAL Certificate from JAPAN ISLAMIC TRUST, a HALAL certification institution in Japan. Especially Mr. and Mrs. Kobayashi also had embraced Islam after having a spiritual experience during a visit to Indonesia. Therefore, it is safe to use by Muslims.

The name MOMOHIME is taken from two Japanese words, namely MOMO which means “Peach” and HIME which means “Princess”. The idea for the brand name came from Mieko Kobayashi’s mother, who runs a fruit and vegetable shop, who often said that “Peaches are very good for the health of the human body and skin”. MOMOHIME means “Peach Princess” with the hope that women who use MOMOHIME SKINCARE will be more beautiful, youthful, and healthy inside and outside.

The story of the journey of the founders of Halal Skincare Momohime, Masayuki and Mieko Kobayashi, converting to Islam and establishing the Halal Skincare company Momohime was covered in the Jazirah Islam event program, Trans 7.